North Atlas


Expertly producing a sound keenly associated with traditional stadium-ready rock bands and combining this with elements of shimmering, modern electronica, North Atlas have constructed an emotionally affecting sound that has seen the band gain support from the likes of Team Rock, Kerrang

Radio, The Scotsman and BBC Radio Scotland.

Working with producer and Sikth guitarist Dan Weller (Enter Shikari), Volcanoes sees North Atlas progress their sound even further: neatly blending

technically gifted instrumentation with a thunderous beat and bold, anthemic vocals.

Tackling themes of self-reflection, the importance of understanding ones self and becoming a better human being, Volcanoes undulates throughout as looped

samples glisten, effects-laden guitars swirl and Leon D Hunter’s (vocals) vocals soar.

Having played in a number of bands within the Glasgow music scene over the years, brothers Leon and Cam Hunter (drums / samples) decided to step away

from the circuit and spend time mastering the art of electronic music production. Enlisting the help of like-minded musicians wasn’t easy but the brothers made

contact with Drew Lesslie (guitar) and Kai Cairney (bass) who shared their vision for marrying a traditional rock sound with a modern electronic approach.

This garnered immediate results as the foursome began to produce a number of sonically striking tracks in the studio, before embarking on their first live show

together in 2016. North Atlas were officially born and ready to take on the world.

Volcanoes by North Atlas is out on 17th November 2017 via King Of The Woöds Recordings.


North Atlas are available for interviews.

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Following on from the pulsating Another Ocean, North Atlas make an immediate return with their single, the energy-fuelled Volcanoes, due for release on 17th

November 2017 via King Of The Woöds Recordings

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