Flux Velociraptor


Flux Velociraptor are merciless, instrumental, alternative riff-rockers from Livingston, Scotland. We hesitate to use words like ‘prog’ or ‘math’, as we are not that, but we’re certainly not mainstream. We believe music should take risks, avoid the status quo and have live wires and blood still dripping from it.

In terms of influences we greatly admire Steve Albini (Shellac), Josh Homme (QOTSA et al) & Tom Morello (RATM). Albini for his recording philosophies; Homme for his songwriting prowess; Morello for his innovative guitar sounds and riffage.

Before I go any further I’d like to state that I have chosen not to write this biography in the 3rd person as it seems pointless. We are a new band with a small following – am I trying to kid you that ‘someone else’ is writing how awesome we are and about the ‘shockwaves’ we are sending through the music industry? I want this to be straight up, honest and without marketing ploys or gimmicks which is hopefully reflective of the approach we take to our music.

Brief History, Velociraptor Attractor EP & Why We Do It

Our debut release ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ was recorded live in Split Level Studio’s, Edinburgh by Neil McNaught back in 2012. We then played 3 live shows however that line-up collapsed, 5 years passed and I recruited Kenny & Gary into the fold.

We aren’t attempting to make any money from this, or become ‘the next big thing’ but rather earn the respect of likeminded musicians and music fans by making the music we would want to hear, simply because we are passionate – and it’s great fun being in a band. We are driven to record and perform our music to contribute, in our own way, to a music scene and musical ideals that we believe in and would defend to the death.

Let’s be clear though – we aren’t saying we don’t care if nobody comes to our live shows or listens to our music – we’re not that super cool. We are honoured and delighted when people like our music because it means they are similar to us – perhaps subscribers to a similar musical ethos.

Future Plans

We began gigging again in Glasgow & Edinburgh in Sept 2017 and we are planning to officially release/launch our EP in March 2018 as well as send to press for review so that we might spread our musical message. We’re not social media fans but we decided not to cut our nose off to spite our face so our EP is available for pay-what-you-want download at fluxvelociraptor.bandcamp.com.

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